Hadrian’s Wall 2004

In keeping with the tradition of a “Thru-Hike”, in 2004 Daniel decided to hike the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall in England – along with Thru-Hike Board Member Clive Marshall and his daughter Sophie, Tom Merkl, whom he met on the Appalachian Trail, and Joe’s step brother, Todd Conroy. Although not nearly as long as the AT, Hadrian’s Wall is steeped in history and the English weather alone could make the trip real tough.

Hadrian's Wall Map

Built nearly 2000 years ago by the Roman’s, Hadrian’s Wall spans for 100 miles from coast to coast. Starting at Bowness on Solway and ending in Newcastle on Tyne, the Hadrian’s Wall footpath, completed in 2003, has got to be one of the finest ways to experience the English countryside.

Throughout the hike, one experiences beautiful landscapes and amazing little villages – not to mention lively pubs, where a pint or two helps to finish the day off properly. Although the forecast was never great, the group just seemed to be walking in these little pockets of sun. Tom said, “Joe’s up there working the cranks on the weather,” and he was probably right.

Hiking Hadrian's WallHiking Hadrian's Wall Hiking Hadrian's WallHiking Hadrian's Wall